Om Metus

AS Metus-Est has been manufacturing and installing glazed frame completions of aluminum and steel profiles since 1992 when the company was founded. Metus-Est is owned by Estonian owners who also founded the company and who today also participate in the management and organization of the company's operations.

In 2020, Metus has 85 employees.

To be a reliable, efficient manufacturer and installer of body supplements that is appreciated in the Estonian market and has permanent partners in the Nordic region.

As a manufacturer and installer of glazed frame completions of aluminum and steel profiles, we offer optimal quality at an appropriate price, both in Estonia and in the Nordic countries.

Organizational values ​​at Metus:


  • We keep our promises to customers, partners and colleagues.
  • We are open to the views of others.
  • We give and receive feedback.
  • We say what we think.
  • We pay attention and appreciate each person's individual contribution.


  • We apply principles of equal partnership.
  • We set common goals and strive to achieve them.
  • We do not hesitate to ask for or offer help if needed.
  • We are committed and take responsibility.
  • We are motivated for teamwork.

To do their best

  • We use working hours efficiently.
  • We do not avoid problems that arise but seek solutions to them.
  • We do not give up on difficulties.
  • We place the team's interests higher than individual interests.
  • We offer the customer the best possible solutions.
  • We guarantee quality even in complicated solutions.

Focus on development

  • We are willing to learn new things.
  • We learn from our own and others' mistakes.
  • We are constantly updating our work process and technology.
  • We develop as individuals and team workers.
  • We share our knowledge with other team members.


  • We value the leisure time of our employees.
  • We organize family and sporting events.
  • We promote a healthy lifestyle.

Environmental responsibility

  • We comply with applicable environmental requirements.
  • We are committed to reducing emissions.
  • We use environmentally friendly technology.