Starting from 01.01.2017 AS Metus-Est/Metus Finland OY/MetuSweden AB has started using Omniva billing management solution to improve and modernize the processing the purchase invoices.
In this regard, we are ready to receive e-bills. E-invoicing data can be transferred directly to our accounting system. This helps to prevent any typing mistakes and to accelerate the preparations for your payment.
E-bill (e-bill is not invoice in PDF format) can be sent to us via e-invoicing operators (Omniva, Fitek, Telema, etc.). For e-invoicing, please contact your network operator of your choice, who can provide additional information, if necessary
If you want to send us a PDF invoice via e-mail please send it directly to / / .

Each e-mail message may only contain one PDF invoice and if necessary the annexes to the same invoice. The annexes do not have to be in pdf format.

If you want to send us a paper invoice, please indicate the payment instrument with the address on the envelope "Invoices 19200, Pallasti 28, Tallinn" (NOT AS Metus-Est/Metus Finland OY/MetuSweden AB).