11.03.2021 New contract: Fredriksberg KOy 11.03.2021 New project: Myllypuron peruskoulu, Finland 11.03.2021 New contract: Pärnu mnt 113, Tallinn 11.03.2021 New project: Nõmme Gymnasium sports building 16.04.2020 New project: Theater production complex (Linnateater, Estonia) 30.03.2020 New project: Rödabergsskolan, Sweden 30.03.2020 New project: Green House kontors hus, Sweden 30.03.2020 New project: Uppsala Toyota dealership, Sweden 30.03.2020 New project: Sergelhuset M-building, Sweden 30.03.2020 New project: Kvarteret Korsningen, Sweden 20.01.2020 New contract: Finnoo station, Finland 11.10.2019 PEAB office, Solna 11.10.2019 New contract: As Oy intro 11.10.2019 New contract: Paks Margareeta 21.12.2018 New contract: Myllypuron Kampus in Helsinki, Finland 21.12.2018 New contract: Sthlm 04 in Stockholm, Sweden 12.11.2018 New contract: Medborgarhuset in Stockholm, Sweden 01.08.2018 New contract: Urban Environment House in Helsinki, Finland 01.08.2018 New contract: Helsinki Outlet, Finland 19.06.2018 New contract: Ylästön school extension, Vantaa, Finland 26.04.2018 New contract: Kv. Klacken, Solna, Sweden 26.04.2018 New contract: Helsinki-Vantaa airport, T1 extension, Finland 26.04.2018 New contract: Platinum Cars stage 2, Norrköping, Sweden 06.02.2018 New contract: H-building, University hospital in Örebro, Sweden 20.12.2017 New contract, Signalen, Sweden Solna 07.12.2017 New contract: Mölndals galleria, Sweden 01.12.2017 New contract: TAYS hospital D-wing, Tampere, Finland 21.09.2017 New contract: Vannhögskolan, Trelleborg, Sweden 21.09.2017 New contract: residential building Runoratsunkatu 5, Finland 21.09.2017 New contract: Residential building Espoon Koho, Finland 21.09.2017 New contract: Höglands hospital house 37, Eksjö, Sweden 21.09.2017 New contract: TAYS hospital L-wing, Tampere, Finland 25.07.2017 New contract, Logistics center Mureli 3, Tallinn, Estonia 25.07.2017 New contract: Court building, Tallinn, Estonia 30.06.2017 New project: Kantor Terrasse, Norway 30.03.2017 New contract, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn 03.03.2017 New contract, Kalmar Linnéuniversitetet Östra/Västra, Sweden 05.01.2017 Sending invoices to AS Metus-Est/Metus Finland OY/MetuSweden AB 05.01.2017 New contract: Technopolis Ruoholahti stage 3, Helsinki 05.01.2017 New contract, Office and Residential building Rotermanni 18, Tallinn 13.12.2016 New contract, Kv Syllen Stockholm, Sweden 13.12.2016 New contract, Strängnäs Resecentrum, Sweden 18.08.2016 The Burj Al Arab Terrace 18.08.2016 Metus was responsible for creating Sweden’s best glass building in 2016 18.08.2016 New project, Pallas Borås, Sweden 21.01.2016 New project: Kvarteret Victoria KVC1, Helsinki, Finland 21.01.2016 New project: Brf Etaget, Kv. Paradiset 30, Sweden 07.07.2015 New project, Espoo hospital, Finland 07.07.2015 New project, Stockholm Seaside, Sweden 12.03.2015 New project, Tunnelbana Röda Linjen, Norsborgsdepån hus, Sweden 09.03.2015 New project, Bro Galopp, Sweden 20.01.2015 Metus-Est AS is now registered in StartBANK 29.10.2014 New project: DSB Tønsberg, Norway 13.10.2014 New project: SCA-huset Mölndal, Sweden 16.09.2014 New project: Akavatalo, Helsinki, Finland 12.08.2014 New project: Tartu University hospital extension II stage, Estonia 22.05.2014 New project: Arrheniushusen NPQ Stockholm, Sweden 22.05.2014 New Karolinska Solna, Sweden 22.05.2014 Metus has started to use program FLIXO PRO 01.04.2014 New project, Karsudden hospital, Katrineholm, Sweden 19.03.2014 New project, Johanneberg södra, Gothenburg, Sweden 14.01.2014 New contract, Lelle 22 and 24 buildings, Tallinn 17.12.2013 New contract, indoor swimming complex in Malmö 29.08.2013 New contract, extension of Narva Astri shopping centre 29.08.2013 New contract, Ulriksdalsskolan in Solna, Sweden 20.06.2013 CE- marking 16.06.2013 New contract, PERH B-building, reconstruction 16.06.2013 New contract, Meilahden hospital profile doors 06.06.2013 New contract, Mehaanika 21 office building 03.12.2012 New contract, Rosenlund Bydelssenter 31.10.2012 New contract, Lugnets skola 21.05.2012 Successful Estonian Company 2012 (AAA) 18.05.2012 New contract, ÅF-house, Gothenburg, Sweden 30.03.2012 New contract, Entré Lindhagen, Kungholmen, Stockholm 28.03.2012 New contract, renovation of Meilahden hospital, Finland 28.02.2012 P-marking is financed by European Regional Development Fund 19.01.2012 Veterinary and domestic animal centre (VHC), Uppsala, Sweden 18.01.2012 New Metus factory in Tabasalu 22.11.2011 Koggen 2, Western Harbour

New contract, Koggen 2, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden