About us

AS Metus-Est is an enterprise that started its activities in the year 1992 and deals with manufacturing and installing aluminium and steel profile glazed aperture fillers. Metus-Est belongs to Estonian owners, who are also the founders of the company and participate in the management and organisation of operation of the company.

The number of employees of Metus in 2022 is 85 people.

To be a reliable and efficiently operating manufacturer and installer of aperture fillers that is recognised on the Estonian market and has secure cooperation partners in Scandinavia

We are a manufacturer and installer of aluminium and steel profile glazed aperture fillers in Estonia and Scandinavia, offering good price and quality

AS Metus-EST Company Corporate Values


We keep promises given to our clients, cooperation partners and colleagues.

We are open to other people’s opinions.

We give and ask for feedback. 

We say out what we think.

We notice and evaluate everybody’s personal input.


We apply the principle of equal partnership.

We set common goals and work in order to achieve them.

We ask for and offer help in case it is needed.

We take and bear responsibility.

We are motivated to participate in teamwork.

Giving our best

We use our working time efficiently.

Instead of ignoring the problems occurred, we look for their solutions.

We are not going to capitulate in case of difficulties.

We consider team’s interests to be higher than personal ones.

We offer our clients the best possible solutions.

We guarantee high quality even in case of complicated solutions.

Orientation to development

We want to learn.

We learn from our own mistakes and those of others.

We are constantly improving our operation processes and technologies.

We develop ourselves as persons and team members.

We share our knowledge with team members.


We evaluate our employees’ leisure time.

We organize family and sports events.

We support a healthy life style.

Environmental liability

We fulfill the environmental requrements.

We  are commited to reducing pollution.

We use environmental friendly technology.